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      1. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

        Solutions?to Keep Your Business Running

        The pace of change requires thorough planning and testing to maintain the systems that keep your business up and running.

        From power outages to natural disasters, your business is confronted by a wide range of threats that can disrupt your Internet and phone service and wreak havoc on your business operations. And every minute of downtime is potentially lost customers and revenue.

        CenturyLink? Business Continuity Solutions are designed with one goal in mind!to minimize the impact of unplanned events while keeping your business operational.

        Cloud Hosting and Data Backup:?
        Protects your mission-critical data and applications by removing the risk associated with on-site servers.?

        CenturyLink Wireless Backup:?
        Automatically transfers calls, email and Internet access to a wireless 4G network should you lose phone and Internet service. Compatible with all types of phone and Internet service.

        Advanced Voice Solutions:?
        Seamlessly forwards and reroutes calls to another phone number when the unexpected happens.

        Data Networking:
        Provides secure, redundant hardware and intelligent network routing for automatic failover in the event of an outage.

        CenturyLink can help ensure that your business remains operational during an unplanned event, keeping you in contact with the customers and colleagues that make your business a success.?


        Operational Stability

        Minimizes the effect of a disruption on your company.

        System Retrieval

        Enables the recovery of critical systems.

        No Customer Disruptions

        Continue providing services and solutions to clients, helping them and your staff to be confident in your ability to conduct business.

        Mitigate Financial Exposure

        Reduce the risk of financial loss by maintaining standard operating procedures.

        Customer and Investor Confidence

        Protect your company brand and image.

        Ensure Compliance?

        Meet legal and regulatory requirements.?

        The Business Impact of Downtime

        On average businesses lose $84,000 per hour during an outage. Survival rate is less than 10% for businesses without a Disaster Recovery plan.

        More Services and Solutions for You

        Managed Hosting Services

        Delivers hosted IT services engineered specifically for enterprises that need to respond quickly and efficiently to the demands placed on their IT infrastructure.

        Managed Office

        A fully managed solution for high-performance Internet, Hosted VoIP and essential business applications like Microsoft? Office 365.

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