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        Adaptive network.
        On-demand scale.

        Instantly scale bandwidth up to 3x with the CenturyLink global enterprise network 每 connect, protect and respond at the speed of business.

        The Business Value of Adaptive Networking to Enterprise WANs.

        The network that*s everywhere you go next.

        Build a secure, scalable network that can quickly adapt to meet the needs of your business. Our global enterprise network includes 450,000 route miles of fiber and serves customers in 60+ countries.

        Software-Defined Networking

        Accelerate on the instant application network. SDN features direct programmability, centralized management and dynamic automated controls.
        network performance improvements1
        network cost reduction2

        Internet & Networking

        Deploy a powerful, reliable and secure global network that's as agile as your business.
        seek improved security3
        network performance improvements2

        Cloud Connectivity

        Securely link your data center and cloud environments in real-time to meet today*s hybrid cloud demands.
        on-demand bandwidth scalability
        public and private data centers directly accessible
        Content Delivery
        Deliver your content on six continents with our fast, reliable and secure global solution.
        Managed Services & IT Consulting
        Shift IT focus to business innovation with a fully managed network.


        Gig-Fast Fiber+ Internet

        Check the availability of fiber internet solutions for your business.
        1Network World, How a Software-Defined Network Advances Digital Transformation, April 2019.
        2Network World, WAN Transformation: Real-world Experience and Advice from IT Leaders, April 2019.
        3Frost & Sullivan, The Business of Adaptive Networking to Enterprise WANs, Jan. 2019 
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