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        When Delivering Video Is Mission-Critical

        We've got you covered with end-to-end digital video transmission.

        Why CenturyLink Broadcast Video Services (Vyvx)

        Live sporting events. 24/7 TV channels. Breaking news. Huge broadcast events. Whatever your content is and wherever it needs to go, CenturyLinkVyvx Broadcast Solutions can help get it there.

        CenturyLink is the trusted global provider of video acquisition, distribution and delivery for many of the worldí»s largest and most innovative broadcasting and media companies. From sports events to full-time channel distribution, CenturyLink brings 30+ years of broadcast video experience and a full portfolio of end-to-end video services and solutions on top of our global network.


        When it has to be high-quality, Vyvx ItSM

        Rest easy; we treat your content right.

        Rest easy; we treat your content right.

        Monitored and managed 24/7, our global network supports all major video broadcasting standards.

        Customize your solutions.

        Customize your solutions.

        You collaborate with us to create the ideal mix of fiber and satellite to support your specific digital video transmission requirementsĘCall backed by round-the-clock customer service.

        Control your services.

        Control your services.

        Easily provision, monitor and manage your services using our online portal.


        Vyvx? Linear Channel Distribution

        Vyvx? Internet Access

        Vyvx? Cloud Connect


        Full-Time Distribution

        Over-the-Top (OTT) Video Solutions
        From content acquisition, storage and encoding to multi-device delivery, we can be your trusted, single provider for simple, scalable OTT video solutions.
        Vyvx Linear Channel Distribution
        With a single contribution feed, Vyvx Linear Channel Distribution delivers quick, easy and flexible multi-point distribution of television channels.
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