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      1. ? HOSTED VOIP??

        Create a More Efficient Workforce

        A more efficient workforce, greater supply collaboration and superior customer engagement are all possible using Hosted VoIP.

        Looking for 10 or Fewer VoIP Lines??

        Work Efficiently, Reduce Operating Costs

        Hosted VoIP empowers your employees and customers to connect anytime, from virtually anywhere, on any device. We*ll manage your entire VoIP solution每with expertise gathered from 80 years of communications每so you can get more from your existing workforce, suppliers and customers.?
        • Give employees phone access from virtually anywhere, anytime
        • One number provides all calling features to various mobile devices
        • Free up capital and pay only for the voice system and features you need
        • Reduce upfront investments and ongoing operating and maintenance costs
        • Keep your business running when no one is working or even during a network outage
        Unified Communications Work with
        All Your Business Tools

        Everything Required to Run Your Business



        Per-seat pricing
        • Basic, Standard or Premium 每 includes Polycom desk phones
        • Conference 每 includes Polycom SoundStation Conference phones
        • Receptionist 每 includes multi-call reception phone with optional sidecar(s)
        • Soft Client 每 Internet connected device application
        • Voicemail 每 voicemail only option
        Long Distance
        • Unlimited local and domestic long-distance 每 ON CenturyLink Network
        • Up to 10,000 minutes of long distance and toll-free service 每 OFF CenturyLink Network
        CenturyLink Business
        Communicator Software
        • Powerful mobility client for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices
        Administrator portal
        • Manage users and features through a simple web-based portal
        User portal
        • Customize ring locations and other call handling features
        • Retrieve from phone, email or user portal
        • Easily connect calls from your computer or mobile device
        CenturyLink Control Center
        • Manage invoices, view statistics and report issues online
        Cloud Based Call Recording
        • Seamlessly integrate call recording with your users' Hosted VoIP service
        Choosing the Right VoIP Solution
        Discover how your employees can communicate from virtually anywhere with the right VoIP solution.

        STEP 1

        Choose Seat Option


        A cost-effective and convenient combination of some of our most popular features. This seat is designed for use in a lobby, break room, cafeteria, or shop area that is not assigned to a specific user.


        Get the features of a Standard seat, but with a phone designed for collaboration.?


        With a more robust set of features your business needs to succeed, this seat is designed for general business, support, and clerical personnel who don*t require advance features.


        Built to handle a high volume of concurrent calls. Includes the features of a Premium seat to help ensure effective call coverage.


        This seat is designed for the majority of professional employees. It includes advanced IP phone features and a premium phone.



        Access the same features per seat type via a cordless IP phone that provides mobility within your workspace to support your business conversations wherever they need to take place.

        STEP 2

        Consider Optional Features

        Soft Client

        This optional feature is designed for employees who don*t have a permanent office, or who are on the go, allowing calls from a computer. An additional charge applies.


        Use this seat to store voicemail and as a stand-alone voicemail box for after-hours calls that aren*t directed to a specific person*s voicemail.

        Virtual Seat

        Designed to fit the needs of the majority of a company*s professional employees without requiring an IP phone.


        STEP 3

        Contact Us to Discuss Pricing

        Call, chat or submit a form to connect with a technology consultant to
        discuss questions, needs and prices.

        What*s Your VoIP IQ?
        How much do you really know about the benefits of VoIP? Take this interactive quiz to find out why more and more mid-size companies are adopting hosted VoIP technology.
        Migrating to Hosted VoIP
        You may know the big benefits of hosted VoIP, but what*s the migration process like? With the right partner, you can quickly and easily pick up on the latest communication and collaboration tools, all while reducing complexity and costs.
        CASE STUDY

        Why Booyah Advertising Depends
        on CenturyLink

        Fast-growing digital agency Booyah Advertising relies on CenturyLink? Hosted VoIP to stay connected to their clients.


        Why Hosted VoIP?

        Why has VoIP become the go-to solution for small to medium-sized businesses? Find out what IT pros have to say.

        The Right Solution Makes the Difference

        Learn how CenturyLink Hosted VoIP can increase productivity, simplify administration, and reduce capital and maintenance costs.

        What IT is Saying About VoIP

        Learn what 250 IT professionals see as the biggest benefits and challenges of making the move to Hosted VoIP.

        Hosted VoIP or Traditional TDM Phone System?

        See how Hosted VoIP provides a cost-efficient, easy-to-manage, and scalable solution to meet your business communication needs.

        Work Smarter with Hosted VoIP

        With CenturyLink Hosted VoIP, you can stay connected wherever you are and work however you want, on any device.
        SELL SHEET

        CenturyLink? Business

        Discover how to create a unified, seamless communication and collaboration experience across mobile and computer platforms.
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