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        Extend Your Reach with International Service

        A technologically advanced solution that offers voice access to landline and mobile numbers in more than 200 countries from anywhere in the contiguous U.S.

        CenturyLink International Long-Distance Service

        When you need to make an international long-distance call for business, you don't want to worry about whether your call will go through, make it to completion or be of high enough quality to understand what's being said. That's why CenturyLink? International Long Distance (ILD) features multiple layers of redundancy and diversity with fail-safe measures built in to support call completion during all situations. ILD offers competitive market-based pricing over the CenturyLink International Voice Network.

        Whether you're adding an office in Budapest or selling products in Brazil, you can trust our International Long Distance to keep you in close, personal touch with customers and suppliers far away. The International Long Distance network is built on industry-leading architecture and is designed to meet the complex needs of business customers like you.


        • Reliable Worldwide Calling
        • High Call-Completion Rate and Great Call Quality with Layers of Redundancy and Network Diversity
        • Network Separates Retail and Wholesale Traffic to Eliminate Contention
        • Fail-Safe Protocols for Call Completion During Disaster Recovery Situations
        • Dedicated Service Team Proactively Monitors and Manages Quality of Service Routing
        • Competitive Rates When Added to CenturyLink? Long Distance Contracts
        • Landline and Mobile Terminations to More Than 200 International Destinations
        • Dedicated Team Proactively Monitors Quality of Service Routing and Responds to Problems
        • Network Architecture Separates Retail and Wholesale Traffic to Eliminate Traffic Contention
        • Least-Cost Routing and Answer Seizure Ratio Processes
        • Multiple Layers of Redundancy and Diversity
        HOW IT WORKS

        Our International Long Distance service gives you the ability to originate an international long-distance call from any U.S. location to over 200 international destinations. Both landline and mobile terminations are available.

        Our network is built on an architecture that separates retail and wholesale traffic to eliminate traffic contention. The network features multiple layers of redundancy and diversity. Fail-safe measures are built to provide call completion during disaster-recovery situations.

        A dedicated and experienced team provides best-in-class responsiveness to manage any troubles that may occur.

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