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        Traditional Phone

        Crystal-clear voice quality on a reliable connection.


        A Business Connection You Can Count On

        Crystal clear voice quality over a secure connection

        Unaffected by power and internet outages

        Wide-ranging calling features

        Extra extensions and advanced features available with additional on-site hardware (PBX)

        Traditional Landline Features

        Caller ID

        See who is calling before you answer the phone.

        Call Forwarding

        Automatically forward all your calls to another number so you never miss a call.

        Caller Transfer

        Transfer a call to any other number, including wireless numbers.

        Caller Waiting

        Receive notification if there's a second call while you are on the line.


        Route incoming calls to a live employee before sending a busy signal or to voicemail.

        Business Voicemail Service*

        A feature-rich way to send, retrieve or listen to your messages.

        Call Waiting ID

        View information for a second incoming caller while you are on the phone.

        Last Call Return

        Find out who your last caller was and automatically return the call.

        3-Way Calling

        Talk to two people at separate locations at the same time.

        Inside Wire Maintenance*

        Our trouble location and inside telephone wire repair plan.

        Personal Ringtones

        Identify specific incoming callers by assigning them a distinctive ring.

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