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        Negotiations Template Agreement (NTA)

        History Log

        History Log Archive prior to 2007

        Multi-state Negotiation Interconnection Agreement

        CenturyLink Multi-state Negotiations Interconnection Agreement template is offered by CenturyLink as a baseline Agreement for negotiations between CenturyLink and CLECs entering into Agreements in multiple states. The Template is CenturyLink’s offer to provide more consistent language across multiple states.

        Where there is state specific language required, CenturyLink is indicating that ordered language from that state will be substituted in Agreements negotiated for that state. In many cases, state Commissions require that state specific language to be part of the Agreement. If you are not entering into an Agreement for those states, the statement does not apply.

        Exhibit A - by State

        Geographic Deaveraging

        Exhibit B 7-1-13

        Exhibit D

        Exhibit K - by State

        Additional Exhibits

        The following Exhibits are applicable to CenturyLink QC

        Optional Poles Ducts and Rights of Way language and Exhibits

        Resale Business

        CenturyLink Resale Agreements and Exhibits

        • Resale Agreement
        • Exhibit A-See appropriate state NTA Exhibit A
        • Exhibit B-See appropriate state NTA Exhibit B
        • Exhibit C through J
        • Exhibit K-See appropriate state NTA Exhibit K

        CenturyLink Non Impaired Wire Centers

        CenturyLink Non-Impaired Wired Center Lists for Loops and Dedicated Transport

        The FCC's Triennial Review Remand Order (TRRO), FCC 04-290 (WC Docket No. 04-313 and CC Docket No. 01-338) released February 4, 2005, modified the rules under which CenturyLink is required to offer DS1, DS3, and dark fiber loops and transport as Unbundled Network Elements (UNEs) pursuant to section 251(c)(3) of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended. The FCC found that CLECs are not impaired without DS1 and DS3 loops in wire centers that meet certain criteria, and they are not impaired without DS1, DS3, and dark fiber between wire centers that meet other criteria. See 47 §§CFR 51.319(a)(4) (DS1 loops), 51.319(a)(5) (DS3 loops), 51.319(e)(2)(ii) (dedicated DS1 transport), 51.319(e)(2)(iii) (dedicated DS3 transport), 51.319(e)(2)(iv) (dark fiber transport). CLECs are not impaired without dark fiber loops in any location. See 47 §CFR 51.319(a)(6).

        The attached lists identify those CenturyLink wire centers that meet the non-impairment criteria established in the TRRO for DS1 and DS3 loops and DS1, DS3, and dark fiber transport.

        Last Update: July 9, 2019